HHH Team


Emily Miller

As a registered nurse Emily really enjoys helping others. With a diverse cultural background and experience traveling to other third world countries such as Ethiopia, Haiti, and Paraguay, she has a burning desire and passion to help the less fortunate. She is extremely thankful to be part of Helping Hungry Hands and cannot wait to see all that will be accomplished this upcoming year! 


Emily Burds
Vice President

Emily is proud to serve as Vice President for Helping Hungry Hands. Emily is a native of Monticello, Iowa and has been involved with non-profit and charity work her whole life. She graduated from the University of Iowa where she earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and a Certificate in Leadership Studies. In her spare time, Emily enjoys traveling the world, learning about new cultures and meeting new people, helping others where and when she can, all while capturing it all through the lens of her camera. 



Emily Nibaur


Emily has always had the mantra of leaving the world in a better place than where she found it. When the idea of creating Helping Hungry Hands came to her, it was very easy to say yes - knowing the mission that was set in place and the people who were going to be impacted. Helping Hungry Hands allows her to let out her creativity and keeps her eyes open to what's happening around our world.




Quinn Fiedler

Quinn helps out with the organization’s finances. He comes from a small Iowan town where he met a few Paraguayans who found themselves stuck in this cold state. He soon realized how vibrant the Latin culture really is. Through interactions at home and at college, he found that he wants to help those even if they are a world away.